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Antares Audio Technologies AutoTune 7 Pitch Correction - Electronic Download,USD $538,Buy Online,Best Price,International Shipping

Antares Audio Technologies AutoTune 7 Pitch Correction - Electronic Download

The Antares Audio Technologies AutoTune 7 Pitch Correction - Electronic Download includes free shipping at the best price of USD $538. Serviced regions include Japan , Canada , Mexico , South Korea and Europe.
USD $538
Product Description
Auto-Tune 7 from Antares is a plug-in for Avid Pro Tools HD systems running on Mac or Windows computers that corrects intonation problems in vocals or solo instruments, in real-time, without distortion or artifacts, while preserving all of the expressive details of the source material.

For most common pitch problems, Auto-Tune 7's Automatic Mode instantaneously detects the pitch of the input, identifies the closest pitch in a user-specified scale (including minor, major, chromatic and 26 historical and microtonal scales), and corrects the input pitch to match the scale pitch. A Retune Speed control lets you match the retune rate to virtually any performance style as well as create the iconic Auto-Tune vocal effect (Cher/T-Pain).

For more detailed pitch and time editing, the plug-ins Graphical Mode displays the detected pitch envelope which allows the user to modify pitch and timing with a variety of easy-to-use graphics tools. This mode gives complete control over the correction or modification of the most elaborate pitch and rhythmic gestures.

Auto-Tune 7 will NOT open sessions created with previous versions of Auto-Tune due to the changes made to the core technology. As a workaround, both Auto-Tune 7 and Auto-Tune Evo can operate simultaneously in the same session, and the Auto-Tune 7 license includes an authorization for Auto-Tune Evo.

Note! Some host applications may not support the routing of MIDI to plug- ins, in which case Auto-Tune EVO's MIDI functions will not operate.
Requires iLok if one is not already installed on the system.

Integrated Time Correction and Manipulation
  • Time control capabilities combine an extremely high-quality time shifting algorithm with an exceedingly intuitive user interface designed to make it quick and easy to correct timing errors or exercise your creative imagination
  • Includes the ability to move a point in time within a selected range as well as move a range in time within a larger range
  • The time functions have their own Undo/Redo controls independent of the pitch correction controls and an Enable button that allows you to instantly switch between your original audio and your time shifted audio
Create Target Notes from MIDI in Graphical Mode
  • When tracking pitch in Graphical Mode, the software will record any MIDI note information routed to it (either from another MIDI track or live from a MIDI controller) and (optionally) display the data on the Pitch Graph Display
  • You can then use the new Make Notes from MIDI function to convert the MIDI information into Note Correction Objects
  • Perfect for fine-tuning the Auto-Tune Vocal Effect or even completely redefining melodies
Adjust Throat Length on an Individual Correction Object Basis
  • To give you maximum control over the timbre of vocal tracks, Throat Length Adjustment is now an independent property of each individual correction object (Curve, Line or Note)
  • ¬†While the overall Throat Length is still set by the master Throat Length knob, each correction object can have its own independent adjustment (either longer or shorter) as desired
Enhanced Amplitude Envelope Display
  • Whenever time control is enabled, the Amplitude Envelope Display will display both the original audio and the time-shifted audio, updating in real time as edits are made
  • It is always possible to see at a glance the results of time edits relative to the original audio
Enhanced Graphical Mode Adjust Vibrato Function
  • Adjust Vibrato allows for modifying the depth of any natural vibrato in the original performance
  • Since the process is additive, acting on any already existing correction object, the user is free to work on pitch correction and vibrato adjustment in any order desired
Amplitude Envelope in the Graphical Editing Window
  • A display of the tracked audio's amplitude envelope now appears as a background element in the graphical editing window
  • While its primary function is to help make precise selections for time shifting, since it is always visible in the center of the window, it provides a helpful indication of the presence of tracked audio, even if that audio is currently beyond the upper or lower boundaries of the window