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BRAUNER MICROPHONES VMA,USD $9,239,Buy Online,Best Price,International Shipping


Brauner Microphones
The BRAUNER MICROPHONES VMA includes free shipping at the best price of USD $9,239. Serviced regions include Japan , Canada , Mexico , South Korea and Europe.
USD $9,239
Product Description

The Brauner VMA is the essence of more than 10 years of experience with our top of the line model VM1, that influenced the market like only very few microphones before. The VM1 is fully integrated into the VMA!

Combining two mics in one, the VMA offers two very different sounds. One switch position offers the smoothest vocal sound you've ever heard to be your high end vocal mic for males. The other position is the light sound of the VM1, ideal for female vocals.

This is of course not dealing with simple filters! The signal path of the VMA is changed through the position of the switch and the tube as well as the capsule, get biased in a different way.