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Fredenstein Artistic FET Compressor,USD $307,Buy Online,Best Price,International Shipping

Fredenstein Artistic FET Compressor

The Fredenstein Artistic FET Compressor includes free shipping at the best price of USD $307. Serviced regions include Japan , Canada , Mexico , South Korea and Europe.
USD $307
Product Description

The Artistic Compressor is a single channel FET compressor with multi-channel link capability in the 500 series form factor. The compressor features rotary controls for Input Gain, Release Time, Compression Ratio, Make-up Gain and Wet-Dry Mixing (parallel compression). The Attack Time can be set in three steps, as well as the side-chain low cut filter. The LED bar-graph meter indicates the gain reduction in the range of 1dB to 16dB. It's punchy and detailed sound is generated by three mayor components...

  •     Fredenstein's proprietary Reverse-Mancini FET architecture
  •     Our advanced OPA2 discrete Audio Operational Amplifier
  •     The American made vintage style steel core output transformer

As all Fredenstein products, the Artistic Comp is designed by a German-American team and manufactured in Taiwan.