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Novation UltraNova 37-Key Analog-Modeling Synthesizer,USD $725,Buy Online,Best Price,International Shipping

Novation UltraNova 37-Key Analog-Modeling Synthesizer

The Novation UltraNova 37-Key Analog-Modeling Synthesizer includes free shipping at the best price of USD $725. Serviced regions include Japan , Canada , Mexico , South Korea and Europe.
USD $725
Product Description
Say hello to your new stage synth! The Novation UltraNova analog-modeling synthesizer has what it takes to drive any performance, and its touch-sensitive controls make it really easy to shape your sound during live sets. When you power on the 37-key UltraNova, not only do you get one-touch access to a powerful effects processor, but also wavetable synthesis, over a dozen cool filters, a choice vocoder, and a useful plug-in editor and patch librarian for full visual editing. This single-part synth is powered by Novation's Supernova II synth engine, which gives the UltraNova its big-synth sound in a slim package.

A High-Performance Synth in the Studio and Out Ideal for both gigging musicians and studio recordists, the compact UltraNova delivers phat sound to live sound stages and personal studio desks alike. Take it on the road and perform like a pro with its touch-sensitive controls and 37 full-sized keys with velocity and aftertouch. When you're back at home, you can edit and archive your patches with the synth's software editor. Open up the included plug-in editor within your favorite DAW, and get a visual playing field for editing all UltraNova parameters. What's more, a built-in 2-in/4-out audio interface allows you to stream audio to and from a Mac or PC, and the option to power the synth via USB bus or DC power means that you and the UltraNova are completely mobile.

You Know You Want to Touch Them For every major part of the UltraNova, there's a dedicated button linked to eight encoders, which you can get your hands on and tweak as you like. The overall layout and hardware design of the UltraNova is a big plus, as its encoders, buttons, and key bed make the synth feel more analog than analog-modeled. Moreover, its touch-sense controls make live performances a snap -- simply touch the encoders to trigger effects, envelopes, filters, and so forth.

Save Those Patches With 300 patches onboard, the UltraNova provides a wealth of preset sounds to jump-start your music. Work with those patches with the included patch librarian (Mac/Windows), which conveniently allows you to save and organize an unlimited number of patches in your host computer. Each factory patch has already been tagged, so you can easily search by category and genre from either the UltraNova hardware or the software patch librarian.

Vocoder = Instant Fun In addition to a spread of 37 full-size keys, 14 kinds of filters, and a full set of controls, the UltraNova sports a 12-band vocoder and comes with a dynamic gooseneck microphone for getting your brass monkey sounds in there. Not just for vocals, the built-in vocoder can process instruments or anything else you can run into the rear panel's stereo line inputs.

Novation UltraNova 37-Key Analog-Modeling Synthesizer Features
  • Compact analog-modeling synthesizer ideal for live performance, sound design, and more
  • Nova-series synth engine based on the Supernova II delivers robust sounds
  • 37 Full-sized keys with velocity and aftertouch, a vocoder, and touch-sense controls enable powerful sound-shaping and performance
  • Up to 18 note polyphony (dynamic voicing)
  • 14 Filter types, wavetable synthesis, LFOs, and FX to create unique sounds
  • 144-character LCD
  • Lots of controls:
  • 8 Detented touch-sensitive encoders
  • 1 Large smooth encoder (with back-lit filter lock buttons)
  • 1 Large patch select/speed dial encoder
  • 2 Volume and monitor mix dials
  • 39 LED lit/indicated buttons
  • Pitch wheel and modulation wheel (both LED lit)
  • Software plug-in editor and patch librarian for full visual editing
  • Ships with 300 factory patches
  • Built-in 2-in/4-out USB audio interface
  • Can be bus powered -- convenient for gigging and taking on the go
  • Inputs: XLR dynamic mic input, (2) 1/4" jack ins, expression pedal on 1/4" jack in, sustain pedal on 1/4" jack in
  • Outputs: (2) 1/4" jack outs, (2) 1/4" jack aux out, (1)1/4" jack headphone out, S/PDIF digital output on RCA connector
  • MIDI In/Out/Thru
  • Includes a DC power supply and USB cable
Power Supply:DC Power Supply Unit and separate USB Cable (Included)X