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Ohmless Pedals MultiTool Electric - Advanced Input/Output Junction Box,USD $302,Buy Online,Best Price,International Shipping

Ohmless Pedals MultiTool Electric - Advanced Input/Output Junction Box

Ohmless Pedals
The Ohmless Pedals MultiTool Electric - Advanced Input/Output Junction Box includes free international shipping at the best price of USD $302. AudioBuy deliver to all countries serviced by FEDEX.
USD $302
Product Description
This product ships internationally to most countries including : Estonia , Lithuania , Egypt , Portugal , Morocco , Mexico , Russia , Montenegro , Ukraine , Vietnam , Brazil , Poland , Hungary , Macedonia , Turkey , Netherlands , Argentina , Bulgaria , Cameroon , Finland , Malaysia , Thailand , Slovenia , Japan , Latvia , Croatia , Indonesia , Philippines , Palau , Austria , Ireland , Taiwan , Czech Republic , Chile , Romania , Belgium and Israel.

MultiTool Electric is designed to be an all in one junction box for stereo pedalboard setups. It is equipped with switchable preamps for both guitar A and B to help you take care of signal strength differences between the guitars you're using or help you run a hotter signal on both guitars. It also features an unbuffered loop at the beginning for fuzz pedals or any other pedal that doesn't respond well to a buffer.
The Output side is equipped with stereo to dual mono summing, active phase inversion for the right output and an isolated left output with ground lift to avoid any ground noise issues.

Each output channel has an individual mute switch in case something goes wrong.


  • PreAmp A: Preamp for guitar A. Switchable (on/off). Offers up to 25dB of clean headroom
  • PreAmp B: Preamp for guitar B. Switchable (on/off). Offers up to 25dB of clean headroom
  • GND Lift: Disconnects left output from effect ground
  • Phase: Inverts phase of right output by 180°
  • Summing: Stereo to dual mono summing


  • Two input channels for two guitars
  • Switchable preamp for each channel
  • 9-18V input voltage
  • Unbuffered loop section
  • Active stereo to dual mono summing
  • Mute switch for each channel
  • Transformer isolated output with ground lift
  • Active phase inversion
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