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Sennheiser e914 Condenser Microphone,USD $461,Buy Online,Best Price,International Shipping

Sennheiser e914 Condenser Microphone

Sennheiser Microphones & Headphones
The Sennheiser e914 Condenser Microphone includes free shipping at the best price of USD $461. Serviced regions include Japan , Canada , Mexico , South Korea and Europe.
USD $461
Product Description
The Sennheiser e914 is a high-grade condenser microphone for very demanding applications. Its outstanding sound properties qualify the e914 for highly sophisticated applications like acoustic guitars, cymbals, percussion, overhead, orchestras, and grand pianos. Delivery includes a microphone clip, windshield and carry pouch.

Sennheiser e914 Condenser Microphone Features
  • Exceptionally lively, clear sound
  • Three-position sensitivity switch
  • Three-position bass roll-off/cut-off switch
  • Very high sound pressure handling capability
  • Exchangeable capsule